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Founded in 2002, SECONDPEAK, LLC is a network of creative consultants specializing in project management, instructional design, classroom and eLearning content creation, technical and business writing, and instructional/educational video production and publishing. 

Scott Tapley
Founder and Principal

30 years experience leading project teams, designing innovative solutions, and developing purpose-driven content. Scott has been a business owner, employee, and consultant in both leadership and individual contributor roles for enterprise, medium, small, and startup organizations within the software, networking, biotechnology, sales, customer service, education and government markets. 

Project Management and Creative Services

SECONDPEAK, LLC has worked with hundreds of independent contractors over the years. We have our favorites and we'd like to see them working on new and innovative projects. If you're looking to build a team and are in need of project managers, instructional designers, writers, graphic designers, or other creative services, we'd like to help you form your next high performing team. 

Short & Long Term Subcontracting  

Many businesses have preferred consultants, but most independent contractors don't qualify as "preferred vendors." Finding a trusted and affordable agency to subcontract and care for your "A-Team" is a top-concern for many companies. Let SECONDPEAK, LLC become your favorite preferred vendor. We specialize in reliable no-hassle subcontracting at competitive rates. 

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